Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hello all.
I know what you are thinking - WHERE HAVE I BEEN?
WEll, I put my back out, and have been ailing for the last bit....
But I did not want you to miss your #WW this week. will be short and sweet this week......because sitting doesn't help my back!
Let's get to it!
1.) Juniors Cheesecake. NYC. Ok, here is what I liked about it:
The 50's flair and fabulous font!!!!!oh, and the cheesecake - but more about that later!

Cannot say enough about the script font!
LOVE THIS MENU!!!!!!!!!!!!
They start every meal with beets, coleslaw and a GINORMOUS pickle.
Briquet on potato pancake....ENORMOUS

Still left at the end of the meal!! It was really 2 meals!!!!!

I have a big mouth....but even I couldn't fit in this burger in my huge mouth!!
 (yes, it has pastrami and swiss on it!!!!)
This is the cheesecake.....we had it another night - the meal was too big to have desert!!
This is the Carrot cake cheesecake........YUUUUUUUUM!!

This is for scale - the cake was about 3lbs!!!! (and 10lbs on my @ss)

What a lovely flattering photo....
We did not finish either piece!!!!
You must try out the cheesecake when you are in NYC. You MUST.
But 2 can easily share 1 piece!!!

2.) Crazy Stupid Love. A really enjoyable's why:

Ok. it is more than enjoyable, it is a super good movie! For a rom-com, it is not that predicable and super well written. I highly recommend it.....Steve Carell is SOOOOOOO good in it!!
And also there is this:
'Nuff said!

3. & 4.) Yup. It's a 2fer. First.....check out these Jimmy McBride's OUT OF THIS WORLD quilts:

Here is his bio:
"they say in space, "no one can hear you scream." well, they can't hear the low drone of the internal power generators kick on again when you're half way to nowhere. i can. i work for a shipping company called "intergalactic transport." i travel back and forth from rock to rock carrying those two all important gems- salt and vinegar. there's a lot of time to kill up here so i downloaded a grandma program and she's been teaching me how to quilt. there's no "log cabins" or "poinsettias" around so i just stare out the window until something catches my eye. it's nice every once in a while to shoot the shit with a fellow traveler, or get caught up in the new dawn celebrations in the outer rim, but mostly it's just me; with a lot of time on my hands."

This is thanks to the AWESOME Emily Forgot's FABULOUS Blog!
(You must check out her blog - must must must)
Here is her little bio too:

"My Name is Emily Forgot I am a Graphic artist and purveyor of fine whimsy on the web. This blog is set up as a place to keep all the bits and bobs I come across day to day'. Its mainly so I don't lose them or forget about them but also hopefully to inspire others. There is no rhyme or reason..just a one stop shop where I can store a collection of things that float my boat or make me smile..."


5.) I read about this place in the "re-porter" The free mag they give you on Porter Airlines to read! I then came home and googled it. P.O.S.H. is a store in Chicago and it has an online presence as well:

- here is ANOTHER bio:

"In 1997 P.O.S.H. opened its doors in Chicago, determined to offer something unique to the consumer that was tired of the "sameness" that had crept into the marketplace of home & table decor. The small shop was met with a warm reception as the search for pieces that haven't been mass-produced for coast-to-coast consumption was shared by many.
"At some point in your life, you want something that is real!" That thought is what drives P.O.S.H. to search high & low for the items that stock its shelves - an eclectic assortment of vintage Hotel Silver, Restaurant China & Flea Market Finds. Found in such disparate places as old American china warehouses to the antique markets and auction houses of Europe, the items sold at P.O.S.H. are often one-of-a-kind or limited in quantity. From a vintage silverplate Tea Service once used in an English Country Inn to a beautiful Water Pitcher from a Grand Hotel in New York, many of our pieces tell a romantic story of an age gone by.
We hope we have captured some of the uniqueness & personality of P.O.S.H. on our website. If you are ever in Chicago, please stop by and see us... and word to the wise: if you see something you like, buy it - it may not be here next time!"

I love their stuff - here is a sampler:


French wrapping paper

Set of old matchbooks

Decoupage glassware


even tea towels!!!


  1. Wow !! love the quilts!! and the cute mice in a cigar box!!

    Thanks Rob!


  2. Another FAB #WW! Everyone keeps saying how good that movie is but I'm not the biggest Steve Carell fan. (Don't hate me!) I did like him in the movie with Tina Fey. I will have to rent it when it comes out. Hope your back is feeling better.


  3. Thanks Cindy!!!

    Thanks A.I.N.B. I am not a HUGE fan either...but I really enjoyed his schlubby performance in this movie! I would not steer you wrong!!

  4. *whew* Glad to hear you're not a huge fan either!! I thought I might have been mistaken about some of our "seperated at birth" likes and dislikes!! Could have been a deal breaker!! LOL!! I will be sure to check it out!