Friday, August 19, 2011


Ok, the truth is, I do not usually take criticism well.


Which is why I seldom ask people's opinions!
Problem solved.
If by some rare chance I am given unsolicited constructive criticism, I can try to entertain the notion.
If only briefly.
So, recently it was mentioned that this blog has become less about my art, and more about me.
Well, you are right. And here is why it is less about the art:
1.) I AM FABULOUS (ok, not much of a reason.....but still)
2.) I havent been producing new art in a few weeks.


   I know, I know, a bit disappointing but did I mention that I have created 58 pieces of art this year
   already? HUH? DID I? So get off my back already!! ;-)

3.) I thought it was getting a bit boring. Not my is NEVER boring.....
     I just mean -  me - talking about the art - "Here's my art...blah blah blah...."

But, perhaps this person has a point, so without further adieu, here are a few works that are available, that I don't think should be!!!!

"Big Top", 9" x 12" 
"Scarlet Women",  24" x 20"

"Vodka", 14" x 18"

"Queens", 14" x 18"

"Monkey Business", 6" x 9"

"Seeing Stars", 6" x 9"

See how accommodating I am?
You're welcome.
What do you loyal readers think?
More art? Less me?
More art...same amount of me??
More food.....less art??


  1. Hmmmm....I love it all. Aren't I wishy-washy? I love seeing your art but I love reading about you too! (Only wish I read about you before your last visit. Oh we could have polished off a few bottles of Wayne's wine!)

    I like the picture with the vodka. Now if it was about wine I might be seeing about finding a place for it in my home! :)

  2. Hey thanks!!! If only we had known then that we had so much in common.
    (except the whole peanut butter situation...and Pia Toscano)
    Wayne's wine - NEXT time!!!!
    Thanks for reading/commenting!