Friday, August 5, 2011


Hey all!
Well, I have been busy this week doing some faux finish for some residential clients.
Sadly, I do not have any pictures to show for it.
Let me describe the finishes in exacting detail though.
NOT. It would be such a BORRRRRRING post if I described it!
Trust me!
This week I have also been busy 'translating' that journal I bought a few months ago.
For those of you who have no idea what I am talking could read this old post
But you are not the kind to waste time on the past, so let me summarize it!
(I know you are busy!)

I bought this daily Journal at an antique store. I love the front, and I LOVE this lady's writing. 
It has become the inspiration for a whole new series of paintings. 


Look at the penmanship! (and my graceful and slender fingers)
Ot had become a bit of a fascinating exercise. I am reading and typing in (or translating) each entry, so that I can find the very best entries to illustrate.
It is so voyeuristic, in a way.
But I am doing lots of googling and investigation to put together a clear image of this woman's life.
I feel like Gil Grissom. (that is a CSI reference for those of you who don't spend an exorbitant time in front of the boob-tube)
I am learning all about this woman's life.
Here are a couple of entries:

"Saturday, January 30th
Lovely morning. Felt blue and had a poor night. Called up different people and felt better. Agnes not feeling well so couldn’t go snowshoeing. Don and Ian went with me and we had a nice tramp. Was pretty tired when I got back – had a nap and felt better. Agnes and I went down to Mildred’s in the evening. Evelyn was there and we had a nice game."

"Sunday, February 14th
Glorious day. Went down to the “Lord Kelvin” for lunch with the family and enjoyed it very much. Walked home and there wrote a letter. Later read a book “Mary Glenn” good story by author of ‘Gods Stepchildren’ This evening went down to hear the Presbyterian Minister. Good sermon – fine congregation and splendid congregational singing."

"Friday Febrary 26th
Raining during night. Dull mild day and everything so dirty looking. Went down to the Green Lantern for lunch and to the train to see Effie off. Had quite a send off. Then I went up to see Mrs. Forrest and had a nice cup of tea. Glad to get home and had a nice quiet evening. Had a telephone from Belle. Coming tomorrow night."

I have no idea what her name is, or how old she is....
But here is what I do know.
- It is 1937 - and it is a cold but lovely day!
- She is in Halifax
- She has a girl named Belle (no idea how old she is) and I think Belle has a child names A.L.
- She plays Bridge a lot with Agnes and Mildred.
- She also plays golf indoors at the church.
So, I am thinking she is older and has lost her husband......and I think she is on vacation so far - visiting Halifax.....but I am not too sure....I am only up to March 5th!!
Very fun to snoop in her life!
I am wondering if I knew her in a former life.
Anyways, I will keep telling y'all about it as the work begins to unfold!
I know you are waiting with bated breath!
Have a great weekend y'all!!!!

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