Monday, August 1, 2011

DAMN YOU AUTO SAVE!!!!!!!!! picture it. I had spent about an hour on my exciting Wonderful Wednesday post, and elated with the funny comments and the in-depth coverage of my top 5 this week.
Then, suddenly, and without warning, something terrible happened.
Truthfully, I am not even sure WHAT happened, but I lost the entire post!!!!!!
Say it with me:
So, because I have to spend another hour to re-create it, todays post will suck.
I know!
So here is all I have to share today:
The power of Pee-Wee! Herman, that is.

Gallery 1988 is a cool gallery in California that does art shows that are themed around pop-culture.
Here is the gallery bio:

"Opened in 2004 on the famous corner of Melrose and La Brea, by California natives Katie Cromwell and Jensen Karp, the gallery has become the nation's number one destination for pop-culture themed artwork and the premiere venue to witness the rise of emerging artists before they break.
Openings at the gallery have seen upwards of 2,500 people attending in one night, including celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie, Good Charlotte, Seth Rogen, DJ AM, Paul Wall, Seth Green, Samuel L. Jackson, Jonah Hill, Michael Rappaport, Linkin Park, Swizz Beats and Joss Whedon admiring the walls. An annual show at G1988, “Crazy 4 Cult” receives worldwide press (faced by the show’s hosts filmmakers Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier) and over 1,000,000 website hits on the day of the opening reception. In addition, Gallery1988 has collaborated with Stan Lee and Beastie Boys to create the annual tribute show, "Under the Influence," which pays homage to these inspirational icons and their influence on our generation. And in 2007, Karp and Cromwell expanded G1988 with a second location, in the heart of San Francisco.
The galleries have been featured in dozens of magazines including US Weekly, Jutxapoz, JANE, COMPLEX, The Los Angeles Times, FHM, The Washington Post, and The National Post. They've also received press from the CNN, G4 network, KTLA, KTTV,,, KROQ, Power 106 and publications in the United Kingdom, Japan, Sweden, Germany and Italy. G1988 has also created unprecedented partnerships with corporations like The Walt Disney Company, Capcom and Mattel to produce art shows inspired by their products and history. In 2009, Gallery1988:LA worked hand in hand with Tyson/Givens Design & ABC television show "LOST," to create a promotional campaign and art show that has changed the face of television marketing as a whole. For the past 6 years, Gallery 1988 has helped nurture and create a collective of artists who call 1988 their “homebase,” allowing collectors to purchase affordable artwork from art stars on the rise, before their price range skyrockets."
Here are some images from their current "I know you art, but what am I" exhibition:

I don't know why we don't have coolness like this up here in T.O......but!!
See you on Wednesday!!!

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