Friday, July 29, 2011


Hello friends!
This is my only Non NYC post of the week.
Today, I want to share some art photos of some new art!
If you missed me at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition I want to share a couple more of my shadow boxes! I like these because they are at a very affordable price point, and yet they are really successful (artistically) which is kinda important to me!!

These shadow boxes are all from my "Mixed Message" Series. For those of you who do not know my work, they take imagery from my catalogue of completed paintings of which there are over 500!!!!!!!!! 
I then print them on heat transfers, and reassemble the pieces to create the boxes.
I then add ink and paint to punch up the colours, and add some found objects to fill out the box!

Here are 5 that area available as of right now, but remember, they sell like little hotcakes, so get one whilst you can!! ;-)

"Ladybug" is 12" x 9", 
features imagery from "Ready, Set, Go" (available at one of my galleries) and "Refined Lady" (sold)
It has some original painting and some little glass ladybugs.
Cute, huh?

"Where's the Beef" is 6" x 9",
and features imagery from 2 sold pieces. 
"Organic Me"
 and "Balance" 
It has some original painting of some beef cuts. It has the scrabble tiles and a toy cow too!

"Manhandle" is 12" x 9", 
features imagery from an OLD piece from my Fairytale Series, "Courteous" (available) and the rest is some original artwork for this piece. It has scrabble tiles and a handle applied as well!
I was SURE that this one was gonna sell first!
Maybe it should belong to you??
"Pop a Wheelie" is 6" x 9",
and features imagery from 2 AVAILABLE pieces. 
"Party Time"
 and "Traffic Jam" 
They are both in galleries. Let me know if you want to know where to go to see either piece!!
This piece has some lettering attached and a toy tire! I like it a lot!
"Call Girl" is 9" x 12". 
This piece features imagery from 3 pieces.
The Zanibar is from "See the Sights" (and is long since sold) and the rest is 
The toy phone is from "Entertained" (also sold)
Finally, the ponytail girl is from "Chatty Lady" (an all time favourite of mine - still available)
There is a bunch of paint and line work on this one, and some scrabble tiles to finish it off!
You need "Call Girl" today!!!

There you go!
Remember, you can make an appointment to see this work at the studio, by appointment!
Have a great weekend y'all!!

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