Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Yes, well, all the votes have been counted!
It seems that no one is particularly upset about my scaling back of #WW!
It makes my life easier!
So instead of 5 things that inspire me, there are only 3!
Although I may surprise y'all with a few bonus #4's from time to time.
Ok, so here we go again!

1.) I love these so much, I want to eat them. No. SERIOUSLY! YUM! 

"Artist Peter Clark uses a varied palette of colors, textures and patterns to create elaborate three dimensional collages. A long time collector of ‘things' Peter is always searching antique and collectible shops for vintage stamps, old maps and manuscripts to incorporate into his work." Find out more about Peter's work here.

(itscolossal and Junkculture are equally helpful in finding this artist for me!!!)

2.) And now....a dance break! I just can't help it!

3.) For those of you who want a dramatic the deets:

"chilean-born conceptualist sebastian errazuriz presents his new work, 'opera fireplace.' hand-carved from 600 pounds of italian marble, 
this sculpture reproduces an opera stage complete with curtains, stage, floorboards and stairs, yet is also fully functional, designed to be installed in any house. The fireplace comes equipped with several wooden figures and a scaffolding structure, constructed from maple logs and carved by hand as well.  Produced in a limited edition, 'opera fireplace' is the result of numerous sketches and blueprints. 
the marble's thickness and the level of detail requires several months to carve, a process completed by the artist and two marble craftsmen in brooklyn. the scale and elaborate nature of the wooden forms likewise need concentrated craftsmanship, each taking approximately two weeks to complete."

Go ahead, say it with me......"WOW!!!!"

Well....that's it!
Of course, now that I only need 3 in this list, I have like 8 things to list.....
so here is a bonus:

4.) Looking to spend some unproductive time.....check out 'the time machine':
    Where else can you find old snippits of commercials. Like this one:

It's time-waste-a-licious!
(You're welcome!!!!)


  1. OMG! I can't believe it took me until Friday to remember #WW!! Great post! Lisa loves the new Maroon 5 song (and so do I!). Every time we get in the Jeep she requests "the new song!" I love the fire place and the art out of multiples sources is just plain cool. Now, I must go look for my glitter glove.


  2. I was gonna dedicate that sing to Lisa - I figured if she liked Gaga, she would appreciate it!!! Glad you liked #WW thus week - thanks for the comment!!!!!