Wednesday, July 13, 2011

#WW: WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY: 2 days and counting.....

I dont wanna brag.
You know I don't.
Buuuuuuuut......I am taking a well deserved break! Just for a week. 
No working for one week!!!

H U Z  Z A H!!!

Which means I am writing 5 posts all in one day.....
I know, it might make you feel cheap and unimportant.
But you are not. 
You, dear friend and loyal reader are my #1 priority.
Ok, well, it seems that I am my @1 you are my #2.....
Oh, except for husband......ok I am my #1, and husband is #2....but you are my #3 priority...
OH...then there is my family......
Ok...let's put it this way, you are in my top 10!!!

Without further time is my top 3 picks this week!!!

1.) I LOVE THIS!! New york based artist swoon presents 'the ice queen' as a part of 'art in the streets,' an exhibition at the museum of contemporary art, los angeles.  Constructed over the course of about a month, this immersive mixed media sculpture stands at 15 feet tall, inviting viewers within the tent-like structure to explore its intricate details. illuminated from within, the glowing installation casts dramatic shadows with its delicate paper cuts onto the enclosing fabric, playing with positive and negative space. MUST check out this movie they made about this art is super (and short)

2.) Here is a Toronto thing that I think is FABULOUS. Cindy (who passed this onfo along to me) and I are going......who's coming with???

Every Wednesday at sunset beginning in July, TIFF and the Toronto Entertainment District BIA present FREE outdoor screenings of classic screen musicals at David Pecaut Square (formerly Metro Square, next to Roy Thomson Hall). Screenings start at 9:00 pm in July and 8:30 pm in August.

July 13: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
July 20: Funny Girl
July 27: The Sound of Music
August 3: Jagte Raho
August 10: Fiddler on the Roof
August 17: Singin’ in the Rain
August 24: The Muppet Movie
August 31: Mary Poppins

COME ON!! fun is that?

3.) Three doesn't seem like enough, huh? I was overwhelmed with 5,  and underwhelmed at 3....
     ok well anyways......
     THIS IS AWFUL....and not inspirational....but it made me laugh 
     (A.I.N.B. make sure Lisa and Lucy are out of the room)

Ok...that's all folks!!!!
Have a great week!


  1. O.M.G.! How did I miss #WW and there was even a shout out to me! *blush* Video made me laugh at loud - Thanks for the heads up with L&L. (Although they were with W&W all week which might somewhat explain my absence from the PC - FREEDOM!!!!!)


  2. Glad you liked Peter Pan.......don't worry - I will always put a disclaimer before I post 'sensitive' material!!
    Thanks again for the comments!