Monday, July 4, 2011


Nothing is more inspiring than a looming deadline.
OK, maybe "inspiring" is NOT the word I am searching for....
I think maybe I mean stressful. ;-)
Oh well, I tend to work better under pressure!
All of this crazy-making deadline business is for the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition (read about it here)
So, to keep this post quick, lemmie show you what I have been up to!
Each of these is part of my "Mixed message" Series.
I am excited to do some new and affordable little assemblages!
As a reminder for you, my little shadow boxes take imagery from my catalogue of completed
paintings of which there are over 500!!!!!!!!! I then print them on heat transfers, and reassemble the pieces to create  9" x 6" shadow boxes! I then add ink and paint to punch up the colours, and add some found objects to fill out the box!
They are super fun and a great value!!!

"Fair and Square" (6" x 9")
This piece was built using imagery from my painting "Snowflake" (which shows Dundas Square)
and the 'fair' is part of a drawing for an upcoming painting!
On this piece I also added scrabble tiles and a wooden square.
Get it?!!

 "Gravy Train" (9" x 12")
Created using imagery from my paintings "Going Somewhere" (the City Hall scene)
and the conductor/train are from "Train of Thought".
(Both of which are sold.)
This one is dedicated to our mayor! Maybe he will buy it this weekend!!!
On this piece I also added kids letters, some wood, some train tracks, and a toy train.
I love this one!

 "Hot to Trot" (6" x 9")
I have taken the imagery from my painting "Party Time" and is a personal favourite!
(This piece is still available at my gallery in London, ON.)
I added scrabble letters, wood, a kids number magnet, and a toy horsey!

 "Shift Gears" (6" x 9")
Created using imagery from my painting "Make a Move".
The car is from "Cobra 3".
(Both of which, miraculously, are still available at my galleries!)
I added scrabble tiles and some gears to this one!

So, there ya go.....remember, seeing the online versions is NOTHING like seeing them in person!!
Try to come out on Friday-Sunday to say 'hi'!!!


  1. Hey Rob!

    These are great!

    Love them all but Gravy Train is my fav!


  2. Thanks for the comments Cindy!!
    Much appreciated!