Monday, July 11, 2011

The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition was this past weekend.
I know what you are thinking.....
"Oh poor Rob. That weather must have KILLED you!"
I am not gonna lie to you dear friends....IT DID!
I am writing this blog from beyond the grave.
See? DEAD from heatstroke!
Why fiddle-dee-dee, I reckon, just had a fainting spell, is all....
As  many of you know it was above 40 degrees with the humidex this weekend, which in layman terms is hotter than a three balled tom cat! Ya. You heard me.
H     O      T!!!!
That is the big story of the weekend. 
I know, not the most exciting story ever, but still.

This was my row. White section!

This was my booth.

More of my booth

On the last day, in  a last ditch effort to get some air in the tent, I opened up the back and put a few paintings on it! And then prayed that there was a breeze. Alas, my prayers were not answered.
As usual, I was thrilled with my neighbours.
When you spend 8 ours a day with someone you tend to learn a bit about them/ their art.

This work is Ben Stansfield's. It was lovely, as was he (and his paint minion).
Check out his site!! Great stuff!!
The other side of me was Christopher Hayes. Chris and I are both pop artists, and have lots to chat about!
Check out his work HERE -  it is awesomely good!
The other big story of the weekend was the birds.
They were out to get me!!!!
I was crapped on not once....BUT TWICE.....once on Friday and once on Saturday.
My neighbours were afraid to stand too close - or in what they called the "kill zone".
It was not good.
And I know what you are thinking - "That's good luck!"
Here is what I read on the interwebs:

"Many people believe (A BRID SHITTING ON YOU) to be a major sign of wealth coming from heaven. Hence, although, it is really yucky and a major inconvenience, when something like this happens to you, take comfort in the fact that this is described as good luck being just around the corner! Birds bring good news and opportunities." I am waiting.
Major Wealth......come and get me!!!
Ok, so here are some more photos I took this weekend while melting my butter......frying my brain......roasting my get my drift!

I borrowed my sisters mini-van for the weekend....and LOVED it.
It was soooo roomy!
Although I am concerned that mini-van love is a gateway to more dangerous suburban behaviour!

These multi-ethnic childern stared me down the whole weekend.
"Rob, come and try our politically correct ice cream."

This man in the centre of the picture had a 3 piece suit on.
Did I mention it was hotter than Hades? was all the usual TOAE stuff.
Lots of people......lots of commentary on my
 "Wow. How different."
"I guess someone could really like this stuff."
"I guess you could put that in your bathroom."
"Oh, I've seen this guy before. He always does the same stuff."
You know. The usual stuff.
Thank goodness it is over for another year!!!
Thanks to all that came out and said hello! I really appreciate it!!!
Keep cool everyone!!!


  1. OMG robbie, you make me laugh out loud. The part about the ice cream kids made me tear up with laughter! and the comments: I guess someone could really like this stuff? Jeez Louise!

  2. Thanks Cheepay!!!
    I really appreciate the comments!!