Friday, July 15, 2011


me at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition I want to share a couple more of my shadow boxes.
These are all from my "Mixed Message" Series. These little shadow boxes take imagery from my catalogue of completed paintings of which there are over 500!!!!!!!!! I then print them on heat transfers, and reassemble the pieces to create  9" x 6" shadow boxes! I then add ink and paint to punch up the colours, and add some found objects to fill out the box!
They are super fun and a great value!!!
Here are 4 that area available as of right now (**remember, these little treasures tend to go fast)
"Fly by Night" is 9 x 12" 
and is built from "Splat" (which is also available) and "Indulge" (which is not available)
I also have some wood, wire and wooden blocks attached.

"Seeing Stars" is 6" x 9", and is made from 2 sold pieces from my Tin Toy Series.
it has some stars and some metal and wood and a wooden sparkly letter too!!

"Drama Queen" is 9 x 12,
and features imagery from
"Beauty Queen" (available) and "Go Big" (available at one of my galleries)
It has scrabble letters and some wood. (It is a picture of Queen St W in the landscape area)
Who doesn't love hot pink???

"Waste of Space", 6 x 9.
Images taken from 2 sold
Tin Toy Pieces and the corset is from a piece I did collaboratively with 'Double Standard"
it has wood and scrabble pieces and a little space invader too!


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