Friday, July 22, 2011


Hello friends!
Well? Have you missed my scintillating posts? Eagerly waiting the NEW news from me??
Well wait not more.
As many of you know, I just got back from NYC (and boy, are my arms tired)!
So, I have lots to tell you about!
I am gonna try to not make this like Aunt Fanny's trip to Pennsylvania slide show.
"here is my luggage at home before I go...."
So to avoid that, today I am just gonna share with you some of my favourite signage from the trip.
You know how I am crazy for signs! Here we go:

They REALLY need to tend to the neon on this sign!!

This would have been better at night.....alas.....

This one is awesome......I love  how his arm swings! And his pants was not meant to sound dirty!

More about "Juniors" later! Oh the tales I MUST patient!

No. Not French.


That's better! I think I would much rather take a tour of the "colonY"!

Timeless. Lovely. Touristy!!

Ruby Foo - love the rotating signage!!!

Need I say any more???

YUUUUM! Both the signage and food was DELISH! Wait for my restaurant review next week!!

I think I rented a video called "Daddy's to go" once.

Fun neon font!

I cannot get enough neon!!

This picture doesn't do it justice. It is chasing bulbs. A CLASSIC!

Not thrilling - but a landmark!
I love this logo. Oh...the cheesecake.....I cannot wait to tell you ALL about it!

Melts in your mouth....
Well there you go. The first instalment of my NYC trip travelogue!
What did you think?
Can you hardly wait for my other posts???
As always, i love your comments!


  1. Where to start with this one! LOL!! Only had a chance to "love it" last time I checked in. MILF Plaza? Let me guess, home of the Cougar Lounge! :) Lisa would LOVE the giant M&M's. New York is on my "to do" list. I always have this vision of taking the girls near Christmas, skating at RockPlaza, seeing the Rockettes Christmas, shopping at FAO, hot chocolate at Serendipity. Who am I kidding! Will be much more fun with just David and I!! :)


  2. dude, i am so impressed you ate at big daddy's. i had the MOST delicious tomato soup there...the best i have ever tasted. i also had meatloaf made from turkey. so delicious. MILF plaza...priceless. winter garden theatre? it was better than cats...get it?

  3. Thanks guys!
    AINB - Cougar Lounge = Funny!!!! You MUST go! Go withou kids first! They can come with you on your second trip!!
    Cheepay - big daddy's was deeeeeelish!! It was better than Cats, I would see it again and again!!