Monday, July 25, 2011

TALES FROM THE CITY PART 2: I shop, therefore I am.

I wanted to share more from my NYC vacation. Here are some funny and/or interesting shots from my shopping experiences:

We went to the Apple Store.....which looks like this:

....a vision.....from every side........

....EXCEPT the side I saw.......COME ON!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, same store....under construction.....

Awesome Apple elevator - totally incased in glass too....

And what a view....oh wait........did I mention the whole ^%&;*ing store was covered in painted plywood??
I love to look in the horrible tourist shops too:
Not sure if you know this........NYC is known for their yellow taxis!
NYC is also know for selling cheap yellow taxi toy cars.
Tacky Taxi.
(Try saying that 10 times fast)

Snow globes: when you care enough to give the very worst. 
24 KT gold.
More like 24 Carrot.
This store was "going out of business" (and I presume has been for years)
Oh the deals!!! I bought a marble bust at a fraction of the original price!
"What? You are not interested in buying one of our 4 foot high ceramic frogs?
Sir, are you sure they will not fit in your luggage??"

Lady Liberty. The French would be so proud!!

30-70% off!!!
I tried on this 'full scale' suit of armour.  Sadly, it was too tight.
I think it might have been "slim fit".
(I love the look on husbands face!!)
And speaking of slim fit....we went to 'Top Shop'. It is a great British store. I loved it last time I was in London. It is kinda like H&M - but not as cheap:

....teeny tiny sizes!!

Skinny carrot jeans. They had lots of XXS.
That is just criminal - shop at Baby Gap!

Can you guess what they are selling?
That is what they are selling.
I love this wooden escalator in Macy's on 34th! Fantastic!!!!
(although the ladies coming down it were looking at me like I was a freak!)

No trip to NYC would be complete without going into Cartier and buying something sparkly.
I chose this. I think it is subtle! A nice everyday bracelet...
Can't you see me at the No Frills pushing my cart around wearing this and......

I found these hot pink satin MENS shorts at Century 21.
They were 75% off! A bargain at $49.00!
I was told by husband that I could not wear these - unless I was one of Kylie's background dancers!

What trip is complete without a trip to Pearl.
4 floors of art stuff!

We like to check out all the shops on 5th Ave. check out - I mean the window displays.

BIKE it up!

Saks.....painted backdrop, 2 mannequins, and 2 gaylords in the window reflection.
We traveled mostly by subway - it was brilliant! Check out these things that interested me in the subway:

ok...what is cool here is the t.v. screen playing clips from the movie- ON EVERY POSTER IN THIS HALL!
"If you don't like gay marriage, don't get gay married!"

We always ended up back in Times Square (that's where our hotel was) as was the m&m store:

I am almost sure that Van Gogh would turn in his grave!!!

Again....I am sure the french would be so impressed!
That green M&M is a ho.
I said it.

Ok, so that is a sample of my shopping.
I hope you enjoyed it!
I love your comments!


  1. another successful laugh out loud post. the bracelet gave me the biggest chuckle. robbie, you are the best.

  2. I feel like I was there with you both. Please Thank David for stopping the Satin Pink shorts purchase! That is an only in New York kinda sighting!!