Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I know what you are thinking.
" are supposed to be back to the drawing board today!! YOU PROMISED!"
First, I did not promise.
Second, I am a fat liar.
So, today, you get an old #WW.......sorry!!
But just wait until Friday.......OH THE FUN WE WILL HAVE THEN!!!!!
Here are some of my favourite #WW entries!
Hey....let's make a game of it......tell me what these top 5 have in common!!!
And you can win a SHINEY QUARTER!!!
Sorry I am such a lazy white woman! But I need another day to collect my thoughts!!!
Soon.....I will post soon my pretties!!!!!

1.) Douglas Leigh, and his SPECTACULAR billboards! (He is the ad executive that introduced the spectacular billboards of times square.) For example, this billboard, which was up on Broadway between 43 and 44th Sts. until the 1980s, actually SMOKED!!!

Mr. Leigh started his business in 1933, with an option on a location at Fordham Road and Crotona Avenue in the Bronx. He persuaded the St. Moritz Hotel to put up a billboard on the site. His pay was $50 a month and a room at the hotel for a year. This gave him only enough to eat at the Automat, he says, but it also provided a Central Park South address for his stationery.
Later in 1933, he came up with the idea for a steaming coffee cup, 15 feet wide, at the southeast corner of 47th Street and Seventh Avenue, and he sold it to A&P to advertise its coffee brands.
Although he had started work in the middle of the Great Depression, Mr. Leigh's soft-spoken sales ability helped him carve out a very comfortable niche. Within a few years he had thrown switches in Times Square on a blinking penguin for Kool cigarettes, a clown tossing quoits in the shape of the Ballantine ale logo, and an animated cartoon for Old Gold cigarettes.

Here are some more of his SPECTACULAR billboards:
In the 40's this was REALLy high tech. A real spectacle!!

The worlds biggest pen! (and most spectacular - you drunk yet??)

This is my FAVE!! 

The neon was cutting edge!!


This one is a block-long, 90-foot sign featured fifty-foot high plaster casts or heroically-proportioned nudes (male and female) draped in golden neon togas. The statues were originally posted on either side of a real waterfall (27' high, 132' across)

2.) The Tony Awards - more specifically, NPH (Neil Patrick Harris for those of you who don't know him by his initials - shame!!) and, for those of you who know nothing about the is the awards given out for Theatrical Achievement. (again, shame on you!) This years show was stellar!!! Here is a snippet of the opening number:

other highlights were this song and dance number by NPH and Hugh Jackman (yum):
I am not gonna show you any more highlights from the show, because I will be at the Great White Way (Broadway - AGAIN...SHAME ON YOU!) in a month TODAY! Whilst I am there, I will be seeing a few shows, so I will comment on them then. Until then, you will have to just wait for my post-nyc #WW

3.) Please enjoy these clips from "The Book of Mormon"

     Murray. SUPER FANTASTICO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy these pictures from it....THEN BUY IT!!!!
SEXY! N'est pas?

This one makes me tear is how I always pictures heaven.

I could use a day at Marie's!!

C'mon!!! This is bee-autiful!!

THANK GOD. Finally a place to buy my "Manx" (Spanx for men)

I would marry this font!

Actually, it is THIS font that I would marry. COME ON!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!
Funny fact...that since the book was published 1/3 rd of the stores featured - have closed!!!

5.) If you ride the 6 train to the end of the line and get off at the Brooklyn Bridge stop, you're missing out on something incredible. As the train loops around to go back uptown, it passes through an abandoned and beautifully preserved City Hall station from 1904.
The city closed the station in 1945, mostly because at its height only 600 people a day used it, and because the loop created an unsafe gap at the platform. In 1995 the city vowed to restore the site and turn it into a part of the transit museum, but those plans were scrapped years later.
The station is still not open to the public, but there's a trick you can use to see it for yourself. Until recently the MTA would force passengers to get off before the train made the loop, but now passengers are allowed to stay on. So the next time you reach the end of the line, keep going.

So there ya go!!! Hope you enjoyed this weeks very special repeat edition of #WW
5 wonderful things.....with a theme!!
Did you guess what the theme is??
You would have to be a BIG DUMMY not to get it by now......sorry!
Later gaters!

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