Monday, November 1, 2010


Not sure why that old knock=knock joke is good?
Orange = aren't you! Hmmm. Not a stroke of brilliance!
I thought in the spirit of Halloween, I would show you a couple of things that have oranges that I like.
Normally, I am not really an orange lover. The 50's were less about orange than the 60's were, but here are a few things I liked:
YUM. Fruit!!

A bit more 60's, but super cute!! 
I can' t think of a time that I 'sipped a smile'.


I see why she is so happy about that purse (she doesnt have pockets - or legs for that matter),
But  I do not think she needs that shoe!!


So 60's, but very nice!

I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!

Nice 50's pattern!!

I have done a few paintings that have some orange in them!
Check them out:
"Sky Explorer" has just a hint of orange.....and it is SOLD!

Orange and purple and green - a great combo of colour!!

I have referenced this picture twice already,  but it has just as much orange as it does red.

Just a dab of orange....LOVE IT! (SOLD)

AVAILABLE ROBOT!! (8" x 10") 
Teal with Orange. It works quite I well I think! (SOLD) 
Also SOLD! The peachy background is nice, huh?

I keep saying this, but just a dab of orange (especially in a blue composition) really pops!!
Orange and Peach......nice. This is still available!! 18" x 24"!

This has only a tiny bit of orange, AND it is still available!
It is a 30" x 60" painting of the go train at the Distillery in Toronto!

Orange and teal. YUM. (SOLD)

Pink and Orange horse mural.  Don't you LOVE IT?

An oldie, and a sold-ie!

So, as you can see, I use orange rather sparingly. I could use it more. What do you think?
Should I paint more orange?
Let me know your thoughts!!

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