Friday, November 5, 2010


I know what you are thinking...
"Rob, don't you have a bunch of commissions that you should be working on?"
Well......mind your damn business you are so right. But it is, like, hard sometimes.
It is easy to find projects to keep your mind off what you are supposed to be keeping your mind on.
We all procrastinate, right? Don't you judge me!
Well, in my pursuit of total avoidance of work, I have spent the last few hours googling. What's worse.......I have been googling myself!
Don't tell me you haven't done it. Sometimes in the darkness of your home, alone, you sit at your computer and google yourself. EW. Suddenly that sounds dirty.
So, I sifted through the pages and articles and stuff, and you know what I found out?
Absolutely nothing.
Ok, that is not all..........nothing.......AND I am not that interesting!!
I found out a lot about other people....other Rob Croxfords.
Here are some of my observations - make sure to click on the pictures to make them clearer:

I have several pages where I am listed. And then several entries that are total strangers!

This is the page I got when image googling myself. I am also NOT this guy with his wife! 
I AM DEFINITELY NOT THIS ROB EITHER! Although I do consider myself 'the next playboy'!!

I am not this guy who is a Development fact, I do not know what a Development Engineer does!!
I am also NOT an umpire. Although I am trying to be an that the same??

FIRE SALE Rob Croxford prints. "We're practically giving them away."

Also...not me. But I LOVE IT!

Sometimes it is just nice to be noticed. You know??

You like me, you really like me. A nice little write up!!!


  1. Hi Rob, I had to check out your blog after your comment on my cookie recipe :)
    I'm a Croxford (by marriage) from Northern California.
    A lot of the Croxfords that I know and am related to are really artistic, too.
    My husband & I love your work!

  2. Hey thanks!!! And I loved your cookie recipe! Y-U-M!!!