Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well, I think I am pretty much done my newest commission, and I thought I would show y'all!
I also thought that you might want to know how the process of commissioning an artist (like me) works.
Firstly, you have to find an artist who is open to commissioned work. Many are not open to it.
Artists are a sensitive bunch, and truthfully, it can be a difficult process if you are a high maintenance artist. 
I am not. (Although, do NOT ask my husband, he might have a different answer!)
Creating a commission is a collaborative process, and ultimately, you want your client to be happy, so there is always a LOT of extra emailing meetings and revisions of drawings. 
For me there is a bunch of research. 
So, on this particular project, my client wanted a picture of the beach. So I spent a day at the beach. 
I took a lot of photos that day......read about my adventures on that day here.
So, here was my initial computer rendering.....

So from here we got our jumping off point. 
The client liked most of the vintage - but not the landscape. 
So here is the imagery that I pulled from:
I liked the boardwalk, the trees and the light post.

I added these rocks and the 'sun dappling' on the water!

But it needed more...so I added this lifeguard shack

I also added this lifeguard stand for a bit more 'action'

Finally added this buoy.

 After a bit of back and forth-ing with the client,  we added some umbrellas and some other 'business' and here is my final and approved computer rendering:

From there, I began to paint. Here is some of that process:

Base in the major shapes.

Pencil in the details.

Full speed ahead, adding the metal on the vintage side!!


So there 'ya go! 
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  1. I like showing the process - although i forget to take enough pictures during the process!!! Thanks for the comment!!