Saturday, September 18, 2010


Ok. I have big news. Earth shattering news! ENORMOUSLY BIG EARTH SHATTERING NEWS!
I was out yesterday photographing reference images for a commission, and I found something out. Brace yourself. Did you know that Toronto (the big smoke) is actually on a lake. I know. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! Ok Ok seriously, I walked down to the beach, and BAM. There it was. Plus, there were miles of boardwalk and discovery paths around Ashbridges Bay. It was nuts. I felt like Christopher Columbus!
I snapped a hundred or so reference shots because I was so shocked that it was so lovely. I live in the Upper Beaches, but I usually do not walk the entire was a lovely day. Sufficed to say, I got a tonne of great shots. It is all for one of my latest commissions, for a client that lives down in the Beaches. I will share more about that commission later, in the meantime, I want to share some of my photos from yesterday with you. 
Miles and miles of Boardwalk (or kilometres and kilometres) around the beach and Ashbridges Bay Area.
Totally "Baywatch"!
C' pretty!!

"Yes, hello operator, I have a brassiere emergency!"
"Aisle 4, canned goods and sand?"
This is part of my walk home. UPHILL. A LOT OF UPHILL!!

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