Friday, September 3, 2010


Every now and again, I like to get away. No, 'like' doesn't quite cover it. I NEED to get away. Too much time at my studio tends to turn me into The Beast. A crazy, albeit caged Beast! I can usually feel the beastly change coming on - not unlike the full moon effect on a werewolf. So, to avoid an appearance from The Beast, I like to go away a couple times a year. I would like it to go away more often, but then my bank account and schedule are not always cooperative. For me, when I leave my home for more than a day, it becomes an opportunity to have new experiences, and find new inspiration! Granted, there is inspiration all around us, but sometimes a complete change of scenery and perhaps area-code makes all the difference! So, in the pursuit of new experiences and some much needed relaxation, I took a week away. Thankfully I had a dear friend with a cottage just outside of Winnipeg. Ok, I know what you are thinking, WINNIPEG? THAT is your getaway? Oh yes, dear reader, it was 6 glorious days communing with nature. And by communing with nature, I mean the cottage was in the woods, on a lake, and most importantly had a dishwasher! The funny part is, I took a 2 hour flight to Winnipeg, just to take a 2 hour drive back into Ontario. The cottage was on the beautiful Lake of the Woods, which was near Kenora, which is north, WAY north!
To sum it all up? I came, I ate, and most importantly, I napped on a hammock in the middle of the day.
It was paradise!
Enjoy some of my photos!
Ah, the flat splendour of Manitoba. 

It was all field, kids, as far as the eye could see!
What a difference in landscape from Manitoba to Ontario!
Lake of the Woods has over 14,000 islands,
 105,000km of shoreline and is the 6th largest lake in Canada!

The view from the hammock was EXCEPTIONAL!
Oh dear.

HUH? What did I tell you? B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!
Even a full moon couldn't conjure up The Beast!
The sun, the sand, and plenty of cowboys....what a vacation!

Many forms of wildlife were seen -
just  look at this exotic ground squirrel!


  1. WOW What a fantastic trip. Your pics are superb, I love that you communed with nature, even though you can't tell your ground squirrels from your red squirrels. Love the cowboys!!!!

  2. It WAS a fantastic trip. But you wouldnt BELIEVE the message those cowboys scratched into the sand. OFFENSIVE! ;-)