Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello friends! I was recently introduced to a book, and in my continuing effort to model myself after Oprah, I would like to suggest it to you. But first, I need to give you a little background.
You see, I was visiting a dear friend and her gorgeous baby girl in Winnipeg for a week. The baby, who is just over a year old is CUTE AS A SPOTTED PUPPY (she might even be CUTER than even that)! Anyways, after my visit was over, the poor baby was inconsolable. She would cry all the time, because of this new emptiness in her life. She, like most who have prolonged exposure to my **sparkling personality, felt sad to have me gone. Oh the sadness. How would she fill the void left by my presence? HOW? What can possibly take my place? A few days later, an answer came. BAM! Just like that, there was a book. And although this book can never replace me, it serves as a constant reminder of me for the sweet baby. 
I feel that this book speaks directly to me, and in fact, I am ALMOST sure it is directly about me!! This deep and powerful biographical book about my true life moving and original.
Let me share some of it with you.


Packed with wacky characters, funny rhymes and lots to touch and feel."

Now, I am sure the author knew me well enough to know that although I have lots of wacky friends, and although I am partial to a bit of every-day rhyme, I DO NOT LIKE THE IMPLICATION OF THE "lots to touch and feel".
It makes me sound fat. Or slutty.

Despite this, I ventured forward. You know that you cannot judge a book by its cover.

Do you see the parallels? It is obvious, no? Part of me is upset to have my life splayed out as entertainment for small children. The other part feels that if the pain of my life can help guide a young mind, than I have fulfilled my purpose in life.

This is as far in the book as I am. I will share more in a later post! I know it will be hard to wait, but all good things come.........etcetera.

**sparkling personality is purely subjective, and may or may not be accurate for all persons.


  1. This is the best book club I've ever seen! That baby sure does sound cute, and I can understand why she would miss you so much...