Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Ok, so as you can see it has been A LONG TIME since I have posted anything. Here's the thing. I have been under the gun to get my latest show together. "Arcade" is less than a month away, and I am still getting the work done....I know what you are thinking - "way to leave it to the last minute, Rob".
Well, I can hardly hear you when you speak to me in that tone! Any-who.....so, things are going along swimmingly, and I am right on track for the big exhibition. I thought I would give you a few more details about the show.
The show opens for 'previews' at Gallery 129 Ossington from September 1st to 8th, and then the opening night is on Thursday September 9th from 7-10. We are doing this so that those of you cottagers have a last-ditch pre-school-start vacation on the Labour Day weekend! 
You're welcome! ;-)
Now, for this show, I am hoping to go all out - decorating the walls with an extra-interesting pattern to 'jazz up' the overall look of the show. I want to capture the excitement of an actual arcade. We will see how this concept translates on site!
As an extra bonus, on the 25th of September, there is an event running in the gallery district
"The Canadian Art Gallery Hop". You can have the chance to tour different gallery areas with key critics, curators and collectors—insiders who will introduce you to the artists and dealers who make the art scene tick. For more details, check out their site!

So, if you can't make it out to the opening night on Thursday the 9th of September, try to catch the tour!!

As an exciting bonus, I am being interviewed by Trish Boon who is leading the Canadian Art Foundation's Art Hop through Gallery 129 during my upcoming exhibition. I am meeting her for coffee to give her the skinny - the 411 - the scoop on all things "ARCADE"  and then if I am interesting enough, I will be featured on her blog in September! F-U-N. Having just spent an hour reading on her blog, I was really taken with how in-depth she gets. It was interesting to NOT read just a regurgitation of an artist statement!

So, that is all the news fit to tell! I will have more to say very soon! Just you wait for more!!

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