Thursday, August 12, 2010


"OK OK....stop badgering me!!" is what I would like to be saying to all the commenters and readers, alas.....Despite this, I thought, as a token of good faith, I could give you a little glimpse into what I have been doing for the last few months!!!
I have been working like a mad scientist, in nearly complete isolation, on a brand new show of work. I mention this in almost every blog, but here are the deet's (yes, I HATE that word 'deets') "ARCADE", a solo exhibition of mixed media work, is only a few weeks away, and I am putting the finishing touches on the last few pieces!! Exciting! 
(although usually, when you have to add the word 'exciting' into the sentence - it may NOT be!) are some more details:
* It will be 18 works in total. 
* As usual, there is a little 'soft-sell' political messages in some of the works.
* There are 5 light up pieces. Blinking and twinkling - they are the show-stoppers! 
* Three pieces are not mixed media, but are S-U-P-E-R! 
* One of the canvases is 36" x 48", a clip of which can be found in the invite 
   (and it is  nothing short of 'WHAM-O BLAM-O!) 
* There are also 8 small 9" x 12" assemblages (a.k.a. uber-affordable)  

Anyways, here is the teaser........a little collage of some of the new works:

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