Thursday, September 16, 2010


Ok, so I bet you think that since my show "Arcade" was up that I have the time to sit back, eat some cake, and take a well earned rest! Well....not so much. I have 5 commissioned pieces that I am working on. I know, FIVE is a lot at once. But never one to rest on my laurels.....(I am not sure what laurels are - I like to think it is a nicer was of saying 'ass'.) I am back to work, hi ho. If you are a regular blog reader, (and if you aren't.....why the hell not?) you will remember the piece I am working on about Port Burwell. So that is one. Today I thought I would let you see my latest piece. I have painted it specifically for one of my galleries, Liss Gallery. Liss is located in Yorkville, and in fact, is right across from the Four Seasons Hotel. As many of you know, the Toronto International Film Festival is on right now, and the Yorkville area has become a hubbub of celebrity comings and goings. Case in point, I was delivering this painting yesterday, and ran into (almost literally) into Zach Braff. If you are wondering if I tried to get him interested in my painting, the answer is no. Why? Because it is tacky, and I am not impressed by celebrity! Ok, truthfully, it was because I did not think of it! DUH! I have been working like a crazy man trying to get this piece done, so that it could be up for T.I.F.F. and sold to George Clooney. Here is the painting in my studio (below). As you can see, it is one of my Tin Toy robot paintings. I used a bunch of colours that I don't normally use. In this painting, there are lots of greens, and I am not normally a green guy. Especially not an 'acid green' guy. I am, on the other hand, more of a teal kind of guy. I also used some reds to offset the teals and acid greensrecycled. This painting is almost entirely made from recycled and repurposed materials. There is a bunch of wood and wood strips. There is also a LOT of metal on this piece, and a tonne of rivets. I MUST ADMIT I DO LOVE ME SOME RIVETING!! Who'd a thought!? There is also a fun little button, a gauge and a reflector on it.  The picture taken in my studio (below) was when I was almost done.

After I saw this JPG I went back in and did a bit of work. See if you can spot the differences. I often take a picture when I think I am done and look at it on the computer - to see if it IS done, or whether it needs a little more 'fussing'. I am super pleased with the final product!

Come out to Liss Gallery and see it in person!
Don't 'cha think?

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