Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Overpriced stuff. Ok, as you know my new work is mixed media. Which means, inthe words of Trish Boon :

Well, the 'thrill of the chase' continues. For me, there is no such thing as a real break. Yes, I take time away from painting, but I am always thinking up new ideas. It is the curse of the artist. Or at least the curse of THIS artist. To quote my favourite doctor "Oh, the thinks you can think. If you're willing to try. Think invisible ink! Or a gink with a stink! Or a stair to the sky. If you open your mind, Oh, the thinks you will find". 

What is my point? Well, I was out antiquing this last weekend, and it turned into a scavenger hunt for neat stuff for my upcoming art projects. Here are some of the things I saw. Enjoy!

Cool game. Lots of ideas to steal borrow from this.
All my favourite books: "Dangerous Deeds", "Johnny Chuck",  "Ol' Mistah Buzzard", and
 "Mr. Mocker".
Cool stuff! But EXPENSIVE!!!!

Why? No really, why???
"Yes, I am looking for a creepy 3' clown for my hall....."
"Yes, so I have this empty spot in my dining room....I was looking for something unique...."
Nothing like a doll coffin.
I am bringing "whoopee" back!
Such an unfortunate name. "Till I cum Toys" SO DIRTY!
I think Santa should lay off the cocaine. There. I said it. 


  1. Hilarious! You should travel to Winnipeg to do some antiquing. I don't know how to spell that.

  2. I would LOVE to! I bet Winnipeg is the Antiquiest!