Friday, October 1, 2010


I wanted to share more inspiration with you guys. My inspiration that is. I find colour is so important to me. Here are some photos that will influence some new work. Enjoy!
Sometimes just a hint of colour is enough. I love the  greys in this. Which is strange for me (as it isn't really a colour)!
Pink and orange and red, OH MY! LOVE IT!
Also yummy. This cerulean blue is one of my favourite colours! (next to teal, of course)

Same blue, which works well with the brown and that ochre-y yellow and the pumpkin-y orange!!
Can we talk about Chartreuse? SERIOUSLY good!!
Love the design. Love the colours
Oh teal. Why are you so good to me?
A modern colour scheme...but I still like it!
Complementary colours never go out of style!!
AGAIN with the teal!!
These colours are quintessential circus colours. Yellow, white, fire engine red!!

Well? Which do you like the best??

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