Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Well, I mentioned all the great scenery I got a chance to see. Unfortunately, I was driving, so there were not a lot of pictures from the road. (And I was told it is  kinda dangerous to take photos while driving. WHATEVER ;-) So here are some more highlights from my trip. Enjoy and comment! No, seriously, i love to get comments!!!!!
Hotel Art. This was AN ORIGINAL! It looks like a Bob Ross......but the signature is different!

Lavender car. Cool huh? It gives a new meaning to 'driving the lavender car'. Ok, not even sure that is an expression.....

Seen one creepy lobster catcher, seen 'em all.

This carved pig was outside of an ice cream place. It really spoke to me! (not actually spoke - metaphorically spoke) 

2010 was the year of the dear for me!!

110 km/hr!!! It was miraculous! I do LOVE to speed!!

The reversing falls. I know you cannot tell, but the water is going uphill! It was something to see! Look at the jughead that is out in the crazy current catching fish. What a maroon.
My cousin's backsplash. YUM. And check out the tin ceiling! Why can't I have anything good. WAH!

I like any place with the word 'spam' in it. Let it be known the residents don't enjoy it  being called 'spam'.

Ok, so seriously, NO ONE lives around here.......why is there a fire hydrant??

Look out for Moose.
Evidently, there is a real moose infestation. A Moosefestation if you will.

The ONLY moose I saw my whole trip. And it was carved!!!!! 


  1. I found your addition of the red arrows in the reversing falls photo very helpful. You may have a new career as a TV weather person or NFL sportscaster!

  2. I KNOW, RIGHT!!! And I just LOVE the sports!!

  3. Trees are people too. And I think the lobster catcher has a lobster in his pants, if you know what I mean.

  4. No comment. I was not looking at his lobster basket!!!! Too pervy!!