Friday, October 29, 2010


Finally I have finished my one commission. WHEW.
So as a refresher, this is the story:
The commission is based on the former "Wolfe Garage/Service Station", which was owned by my client's father. I had one little photo reference from it's heyday in the early 50's:

To keep it authentic, I had to do a BUNCH of research. What kind of gas? What do those signs say?
What colour was the building/pumps/etc. It was a fun process!
I also had reference detailing what the building looks like today (as its current incarnation "The Lakeside Garage"). 

AS you can see, it is COMPLETELY different!
So, from this I made a drawing and tried to make it more dynamic of a composition. It was a great challenge!! Here is the process and the final product. Enjoy!
In the beginning, there is the plan....the pencil and the prayer that it will look good.
The 3 P's!
This is about halfway. I complete the top before the bottom.
At this point, I was waiting for client approval on the bottom imagery.

Here is my initial rendering for the bottom (the vintage part). As you can see it is pretty rough looking...
(it is my computer rendering)
HUGE DIFFERENCE, HUH? This is at the almost done stage.
As you can see I changed a bunch of the bottom imagery I think it works much better here!!

TAA  DAA!!!!

What do you think of the final product!?


  1. Thanks Anonymous! I was pleased!!!!! (and my client was happy too)

  2. Sometimes I forget to put my name, as was the case with this one, and sometimes I want you to now know it was me HA HA