Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hello All!
Well, I am back from my whirl wind 6 day (total back and home) drive to New Brunswick!
I saw a lot of trees, a lot of water, and took plenty of interesting reference shots.
Before you ask, I did NOT see the worlds largest covered bridge, the worlds largest lobster, or the worlds largest axe. (sigh)
I can't even begin to discus my disappointment from not seeing the Potato Museum. ;-)
But, the good news is, next time I am out east, there are lots of things to do!!
Here are some of the highlights from my trip. 
This is mostly all scenery, and there was a lot of it!! 
Bonjour Quebec. This is midway through the 15 hour drive to New Brunswick. Sadly, je ne parle pas francais.
Except: Celine Dion, Creme Brulee,  Roch Voisine, and um...... french fries??
Teal Barn.....need I say more??
Spooky St John. Yes, it is foggy for my entire visit!
"St John, city of fog."
Or maybe "St. Johns: A very pretty and interesting little city!"

or how about "St John: everything you need to see is only 3 feet in front of you."

Or perhaps "St John, nothing a little photoshop won't fix."

Poor tourists. (read - suckers) They must be disappointed by all the rainy weather!
Idiot. Er, I mean, a zip-lining tourist! 
Hey.....is that more fog??? Not depressing in the least! ;-) 

Low tide. this was kinda cool to see for us Land-lubbers.
A covered bride in Saint Martin. NOT the longest one, but size isn't everything.
A cool (and slightly dodgy) bridge in Hampton, NB.

View from a cool (and slightly dodgy) bridge in Hampton, NB. 

Pretty little water ways abound!!!

Buddy can you spare a tree? SERIOUSLY...I haven't seen so much wood since.......insert joke here...... 
I did not go to this church in Hampton, but I did like the looks of it!

What do you think so far?


  1. who paints their barn teal?

  2. Great photos! I can't wait to see the works that they inspire! St. John's is pretty, I like that building that looks like it has a mini brick building on the side.

  3. 1. WHO WOULDN'T PAINT THIER BARN TEAL????? Why is not MORE common?
    That is the real question!!

    2. Thanks.........I will be painting something Far-East Inspired soon! And I
    will post it here first!!