Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Ok, today only a short post.
You know how people are always trying to match their art to the room?
C'mon. You know you do it!! I DO IT!
But what, and now hold on to your hats folks, if you matched your room to your art?!?
CRAZY, I know, but seriously why not??
Now, not everyone is super-dooper with colour, and is not able to see what colours match.
I have to solution.
Ok, actually it is not me, the solution is from KULER

At Kuler, you play with colour. For example, let's say you wanted to decorate your room around this painting:

("Out of this World", 48" x 36") which incidentally is available for purchase in Ottawa at Terrence Robert Gallery, has a bunch of colours you could choose.
All you have to do is import the JPG into Kuler and whamo-blamo....instant choices.....
It will give you a range of colours that you could choose based of a few 'moods'.
I plugged it in and here are the results:

This is the MUTED mood...... 
This is the COLOURFUL mood...although it doesn't really do it for me!
This is the BRIGHT mood, which I like a lot. Lots of variation in it!
Or, if you just none of the moods fits YOUR mood, you can make a custom palette. 

 So, there you go. A stroke of brilliance!
There are lots of other options to create your own colour scheme on this site, and hundreds of already built schemes that could help you too. I encourage you to check it out!!

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