Thursday, October 21, 2010


Ok,'s what I am working on RIGHT NOW.......
I am almost finished with this commission based on a gas station n Port Burwell.
I am gonna have a step by step of how if got made next week. As well as a photo of the final painting!!! But here it is now....

The top "landscape" part is almost done, now to work on the 'retro' bottom part. The bottom will be painted on metal and then applied to the piece with rivets!

Also, I have begun my commission all about The Beach.
(The Beach - aka The Beaches)
It is not nearly as done as the one above. But it will get there in its time!!
I will post more pictures from this one next week too!! 
Once I put all my effort into it, the piece will hopefully done by the end of the month!!
Then I just have one last commission to do, and I will then, finally begin the work for my show in March of 2011!!

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