Tuesday, October 12, 2010


There is a lot to love about the fall. For me, it is about the colour. Ok, for me it is about layering my outfit with nice sweater vest, and the colour. Ok, so it is also about decorating the house for Halloween. Oh, and pumpkin pancakes at IHOP. I am a September baby, so it is also a time for presents! Ya, so the fall is about presents, layering, decorating, pumpkin pancakes and of course COLOUR. Granted there is a list of things that make me less happy (i.e. putting away the lawn furniture, raking the leaves, putting the furnace on) BUT I am gonna focus on the positive!
So, about colour. Here are a couple pictures I took in New Brunswick a couple of weeks ago - the colours aren't quite in full bloom.....but you get the point! Lots of oranges and reds and yellows. Very very pretty. So it got me to thinkin'........why don't I talk about the warm colours?

 I thought that I was not normally drawn to the warm colours in my own paintings. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against warm colours -  I am not some kind of colour racist. I just like the warm colours balanced out with cool blues and greens. BUT then once I started to go through my library of works, I realized that I have used a warm colour scheme in a number of the pieces. 

So, have compiled a list of my works that are HOT. I don't mean that in a Paris Hilton kind of way, but rather in a temperature-of-the-composition kind of way. Although, who am I to dispute Ms. Hilton?! ;-)

Here are a few. Enjoy!

"Burn Rubber" (10" x 30") has a funny story (not funny "ha ha!" - funny "hmmm?"). A client bought this for her home office and then a day later came back and returned it to me. Evidently it caused anxiety every time she looked at it! So this anxiety inducing painting is still available! 

This piece "Offset" was my first sale at 129 Ossington. It was one of my first landscapes that was primarily warm-paletted.  Yes, warm-paletted is a word!!!!

"Hard", which takes its name from the letters spelled out in red, has a bit of cool to balance the red, but I love it, so I included it! (Sorry, it is SOLD!)

I like this piece too. "Refined Lady" IS available! I love the ghost image of the VW bug in the background! 
"Pressing Issues", (43" x 31") is an oldie, but a goodie. This piece was the start of my "Etiquette" Series.
Sadly it never sold, so I rolled it. It is still available, AND I even have some prints of this piece!  
"Common Sense" (available as a print)
This piece is old. This piece is sold. This piece is primarily gold.

SEEING RED! "Rat Race" is sold.

"Barfly" (6" x 9") however,  is available!

This piece is a commission for a client. "Predictions" turned out really well....and matched my clients house PERFECTLY!!!

This piece is also kinda old. But I do like it! It is long since sold! The only thing I am not crazy about? The font on the  quote....it is a bit slutty for this piece! There. I said it!


I like this one a lot! It sold the first time I showed it!!!

I did this painting for a poster company. I will share the TERRIBLE story in a  future blog.
There you go. HOT HOT HOT!
Do you have a favourite?

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