Wednesday, October 27, 2010


It is time for another blog entry about one of my many vacations.....
Here are some pictures from Bronners.
For those of you who have never traveled to Frankemuth (Michigan's Little Bavaria) you have missed out!!! The little town is SUPER CUTE. And just outside the town is the largest Christmas store in the world. Bronner's operates year-round, the building is 7.35 acres (29,700 m²) in size with landscaped grounds covering 27 acres (109,000 m²). Outside the entrance are three 17-foot (5 m) tall outdoor Santas and a 15-foot (5 m) tall snowman. Inside, there are approximately 800 animated figurines at various locations throughout the store. Some 100,000 lights illuminate Bronner's half-mile (800 m) long Christmas Lane in the evening. Michigan designated Bronner's as an "Embassy for Michigan Tourism" in 1976. Bronner's employs over 500 people during the holiday season (between October and Christmas). Fun facts? Bronner's electrical bill averages US$900 per day! If all the light sets sold in one year at Bronner's were stretched out in a continuous line, they would span approximately 530 miles (850 km). THAT IS A LOT OF LIGHTS!!

Bronners..........putting the CHRIST in Christmas!
Balls, balls, balls.
A good game for the kids......count the Santas.

At the half way point it is sensory overload!

Christmas Circus. LOVE IT!

**Not life sized

Nothing brings children together like Micheal Jackson,
Sorry. That is terrible!

This house (which was life sized) was priced near $22,000!!!

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