Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So, in my constant pursuit to find things to blog about, I just got some good advice:

"Perhaps Rob, it always doesn't need to be about you."

WHAAAAAAAAAT????? There is a world outside of me?? It cannot be true!
This person....who shall remain nameless....then went on to say: 

"Perhaps you have to expand you blog to include things that inspire you!  A pile of junk - the way the sun hits a plant outside - how clean your studio is? a favourite store, a window display - a rusty door knob!  Anything!"

After my initial shock wore off, I realized there was merit in that. I could write more about my inspirations.
So, I am gonna start to post more of the stuff that inspires me. 
I have posted stuff I love before, but evidently not enough! 
The truth is that I don't have enough going right now on my drawing board, that I can show you what I am working on! :-(
Here is something I found yesterday when I wasted a whole day surfing the web.
They are from this guy:
Now I cannot say enough about this guys header logo....IT IS all my favourite things!!! 

Check out his blog at:
Ok, so his last blog was on these posters for Epcot. The designer describes them as:

"Experimental Poster Compositions Of Tomorrow - These posters are modern day interpretations of the great Future World attractions of yesterday. Taking on a minimalistic style, each focuses on the main ideas and foundations of the pavillions they represent."  -Stephen Christ, designer

I love the James Bond-y background. 
Simple and lovely.

This is my favourite.

My least favourite....I think the honeycomb could have been larger....but still nice enough...

Very U.N.

And for those of you who cannot get enough of Disney these prints are available! 
Posters on a variety of papers starting at $16.61 here.
Well? What do you think?
Love them???

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