Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Hello! Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday!!!
Let's get right to it....5 thing I LOVE this week!

1.) A canadian artist. Yes, I know I am not the best about promoting exclusively Canadian talent....BUT this I really enjoyed! Pat Dumas-Hudecki is lovely and playful. I think her work is delighful and whimsical and beautiful! Here is a snippet from her Artist statement that explains it nicely:

Through realistic representation with a special emphasis on capturing the light, Pat uncovers the sweet disorder of the domestic world from an unusual and playful point of view. There are scenes and stories full of high drama all around us that have become the narrative thread of her art. She transforms that which is taken for granted and in the process compels you to appreciate the iconic power within the ‘ordinary’. Pat Dumas-Hudecki’s works have garnered many awards and may be found in private and public collections, including the Ontario Government’s permanent collection.

I especially like her "In transition" Series and her "Child's Play" Series. Very sweet work! Here are a few examples:

She has an upcoming show - go to her website for more details about her shows HERE!

2.) SPOOKY - BUT AH-MAH-ZING!!!! This is the HR Giger bar located at the museum of the famous sci-fi artist in Gruyeres, Switzerland. Rest your weary body in the bone chairs and admire the spinal chord ceilings! So crazy and impressive! HR Giger Bar.....note to self......go check it out next trip to Switzerland!

3.) I had to share this one with you. If you are a Glee watcher, you will remember this song from last weeks episode. They did a great TUNEFUL cover of "Baby Got Back" (originally by Sir - Mix-a-lot in the 90's) I thought the arrangement was brilliant. Come to find is not a GLEE original - but a rip off of a arrrangement by Jonathan Coulton, a musician with a relatively small but devoted following, mostly on the Internet. Coulton (very rightly so) feels ripped off. "Glee" routinely puts its cover versions up for sale on iTunes and it'll get thousands of downloads. Coulton not only doesn't get a dime from any of this, he didn't even get any credit for it on the show. Covers are not copyright-able, except for their audiotracks. Glee has contacted Coulton about the controversy but according to him, the show had the audacity to suggest that he should be happy for the exposure!!! TERRIBLE huh? As Coulton points out, the only exposure he's been getting is as a result of his complaints against the show.

So...he is re-releasing his own version with the smart aleck new title "Baby Got Bak - in the style of Glee", he's also donating the money he makes off it to the "It Gets Better" campaign, another nice dig at Glee, a show known for its pro-gay stance. Coulton still thinks "Glee" could easily turn this controversy into a PR win. "I think if they just approached it differently, and they said 'Hey, we're doing this. We're super excited and we're going to promote you. We're going to give you a credit and we're going to give you a $500 honorarium,' I think they could turn it around."

You should check out his music! It reminds me of early Barenaked Ladies. I am gonna download one of his albums for sure!!!!
I like the album "JoCo Looks Bask".....there are a bunch of enjoyable songs on it!!!
For example, I enjoy the song 'Tom Cruise Crazy':
and also "Shop Vac"...I enjoy this one A LOT.....great graphics on this video:

4.) Looking for a lovely tropical-like drink to drag you out of the February blahs??? I encourage you to try this refreshing little ditty. The Moscow Mule.....
Two parts vodka
One part lime juice
3 parts ginger beer

5.) I cannot decide which of these two spoofs is funnier. They both made me laugh and laugh!!! they both have a bit of strong language (just a tiny bit)

You decide which is funny-er...this one (thanks Kelly):

or this one (thanks Cindy/Dale)

(if that didn't work - click THIS LINK - you will not regret it!)

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