Friday, February 22, 2013


Hey guys. Well......The Artist Project is on RIGHT NOW!!
Come down (GET THE 411 HERE) to say hello!
Well, I will be showing new work.....including these 3 swell and AFFORDABLE pieces :

"Face Value", 9" x 12", Mixed media
This piece I did to enter into the "Faces" competition at T.A.P. this year.
It is imagery borrowed from one of my favourite Pin-up paintings "Lured" - which is STILL AVAILABLE to buy....go needs a good home! Of course it is freshly re-painted!!
The background is vintage play money.
The word 'value' is some tiles from a board game.
It also has some wood trim and a few washes of colour.
I really like it - and it will probably be gone this weekend!

"Penny for your Thoughts".  6" x 9", mixed media,  $100.37!
TOPICAL, no?? This one has .37 in vintage currency. (HA HA)
It also has a copper wash on top!
The imagery is repainted from this sold painting "Miraculous".
There is a number 4 kids magnet.....and some wooden trim!
I hope it finds a new home this week!
"Star Struck".  6" x 9", mixed media....only $100.00
Finally this bright little piece is a sure fire seller!!
The imagery is from an old painting....and is repainted.......(which I know is unnecessary....but)
In the centre is an "S" from a vintage wooden game.
The truck is from a vintage jigsaw puzzle.......that I bought at ETHEL (and was missing a piece).
That puzzle has been a GREAT buy!!!
There are also some wooden mouldings and stars.....and a bunch of colour washes to finish her off!
This one will also MOST DEFINITELY be gone by Sunday!

I sure hope you can make it out this weekend!
It is a great day out!!

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