Monday, February 25, 2013

CREEP OF THE WEEK....AND MY RENOVATION this is a BIG WEEK for me. It should be the post-T.A.P. meh-laise.....which I get it every year! This year it will be delayed.........(the Meh-laise is simply the time when my mind and body finally relax again! - It is not serious. It does not require mood enhancing drugs......although I am open to that! ;-)
BUT this year it will be delayed.........I will do a full TAP wrap up later in the week.....
BUT TODAY my contractor starts my bathroom renovation......which I will also blog about later next is a preview of the 'bathroom before':
Yes, that is duct tape on the wall!!! IT WILL MAKE FOR A DRAMATIC "AFTER"!!!
So......sufficed to say, with ALL THIS renovation in addition to reorganizing my studio from the weekend's exhibition.....I am not able to come up with too much NEW to blog about. 
So let me share this quick Toronto-centric "Creep of the Week":

These graffiti-covered and seemingly mothballed TTC vehicles near the commission's Wilson Subway Yard do, apparently, serve a purpose. According to Brad Ross, executive director of corporate communications at the TTC, the H4 series subway cars and city bus are used by Toronto Police Service for training exercises.

All the photos above were take by Peter Muzyka and uploaded to the blogTO Flickr pool

Thanks guys!!
Just wait for great stuff later this week!!!!


  1. I am very much excited to see the result of the make-over/renovation.

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