Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WW105: CHIC HOTEL, OSCAR REINVENTED, and 22 THINGS YOU ARE DOING WRONG! you loyal readers probably know, I am up to my armpits in T.A.P. preparations.
(The Artist Project opens Thursday February 21st - READ MORE HERE)
But I wanted to make sure I had a Wonderful Wednesday post for y'all!
I know, give, give give!!!
So...let's not waste any more time:

1.) The Academy Awards are this upcoming weekend...and I am IN LOVE with the poster. Each Oscar statue represents the winning movie of that year.....look at it is FANTASTIQUE!!!

2.) Let's go vacationing!!! HERE!! The Chic & Basic Ramblas Hotel was envisioned by lagranja design and is located few steps away from the emblematic Barcelona’s Ramblas. This hotel wants you to "reminisce about the thrills of a genuine cultural Spanish period". It is super!!!!!!! LOVE IT:

READ MORE (and see more photos) AT

3.) These Toronto photo "mash ups" are super cool!!!Alden Cudanin mixes old Toronto with new. The effect is both jarring and fantastic!!! It is cool to see how much things have changed!

Here is part of Alden's Artist Statement:"For over 100 years Torontonians have defined their identity and heritage through the buildings they have raised. Toronto Before: Arches is a collection of Then and Now Remixes that offer a glimpse of the city’s civic buildings and the people who gathered in their public spaces.The entrance arches of Ontario Legislative Building and Old City Hall set the stage for the re-entry of these historical photographs into our modern digital world."

You can check out his Facebook page....or his blog.

4.) ok....THIS article will CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!!!!

"22 things you're doing wrong" - sounds awful.......but is actually both USEFUL and surprising!!!!
Here are a few that amazed me:

READ ALL 22 HERE!!!! You will wonder how you ever lived life without these tips!!!!!!
I kid you not!

5.) This is from my nephew Jake. It is for all you geeks out there. It made me laugh and laugh!!! I give you 'Harmonica Darth Vader':

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