Friday, February 15, 2013


Wow. What a borrrrrrrring  blog post title!!
Gimme a's Friday!
So.....I wanted to share another new piece of art that I just finished for this years 'The Artist Project'.
If you don't have any idea what that is......TAP is:
It is my big indoor art show for the year.....


Thursday:  7PM – 10PM (Opening Night, 19+ Event)
Friday:  12PM – 8PM
Saturday:  11AM – 8PM
Sunday:  11AM – 6PM
Venue Location
Better Living Centre
195 Princes’ Boulevard, Exhibition Place
Toronto, ON
Here is a link to get half price on the opening night, $12 instead of $25, there will be drinks, food, music and well, art. The discount for the opening night is good today only.

Here is a link for $7 tickets instead of $15, not for the opening night. You can buy tickets anytime using this promotion code.
Enter TAPEX13 into the “Promotion Code” field

Read more about The Artist Project in THIS POST! here is the latest painting....

"Judgement", 24" x 18", Acrlyic on mixed media.
So....the landscape is of The Evergreen Brickworks here in Toronto.
To read more about The Brickworks check out my blog post about it!!!
The bottom is painted on wood and (although you cant tell in this photo) it is bowed out.
These 3 buildings (Castle Loma, The old City Hall and Massey Hall) are all ones that have been built using bricks from Don Valley Brickworks.
The Quote is from Dr. Wayne Dyer......who is super smart! (And very much alive - unlike most of the authors of the quotes I use.)
And the band at the top is based on an Art Nouveau flowers/leaf pattern. come out and see it next week at TAP!!

ALSO......I am mentioned in a Q&A on the Spacing Toronto Blog today!!!!

I have a few more things I was gonna share today...but I think that is enough.....I will mention the rest on MONDAY! Have a great weekend y'all!

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