Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well, it is week 3 for my new Wonderful Wednesdays!
For those of you who are new, each #WW I post 5 things that have impressed me, or inspired me in the last week. Sometimes they are books and movies, and sometimes they are imagery or other artists.
If you have something you think that will inspire me, and is worth mentioning to me...just email me!
If you missed last weeks DEBACLE....I posted #WW on tuesday.
It wasn't until the early afternoon that I realized that I was a day early. (And when I say 'I realized' I mean, when someone else told me I was smoking glue and was a day ahead of myself.) Alas, one of the downsides of working alone in the basement is sometimes losing time. Usually not whole days. But still.
Ok. So that was last week.
This week.......Exciting stuff!!

1) Last week I attended the Tim Burton Exhibition at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto. WOW. I loved it. I had no idea how much I would love it. I wish they had put a bit more $$ into it, so that it could have been ad stunning at the MOMA version of the show......alas. i also wish it had been at a LARGER venue. I found it very visually packed. Having said that, it is a great show to see. It is only here for a couple more weeks, so try to get out and see it!!! I had no idea that Timmy B had such an extensive background as an illustrator. It makes good sense though. Anyways, Here are some of the images I stole. Enjoy.
From a series of 10 illustrations based on numbers.

TB's use of black and white is nothing short of AMAZING! This is one of his drawings.

I LOVE THIS ONE! Great little illustration!

Again....LOVE the use of negative space and shadow.

This was a painting. It was very colourful. Weird and wacky.

Another great use of shadow.....I just cannot say it enough!!!!!1

This was the only thing i could take photos of.

OOOOH. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this prop from the 'Mars Attacks' movie.
It wasn't painted by TB, but it was INCREDIBLE and painted so tightly.

SO WEIRD. I just love it!
I liked this one a lot. Pin the tail......very cute. (If cute is the right word??)

I am impressed by how much this looks like the final product of the Aliens!!

And how this inspiration drawing became 'Edward Scissorhands' 

These props from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' movie were probably my favourite thing at the exhibition.
I wanted to take one home (they were about 2' tall....and hard to smuggle out!)

More drawings. I wish they had more breathing space though!!!!

2) The war horse. You must check out this video of the horse puppet. It is nothing short of spectacular. The horse is going to be in the Mirvish Production of "War Horse" that is an import from England. Enjoy the video. (if you want to see the horse, just ffd to the 9 minute mark to save some time)
Super fantastico puppetry, huh??

3.) Where your attention goes. I am a firm believer in having focus. Especially in my career. I like this, and live by it:

Where your attention goes is where your life will follow. Where is your attention going most of the time?    

Is your attention consumed with resentment, judgment, envy and spite? Where do you think those things will lead your life?   

Do you put so much attention on proving you're right that you end up with nothing left with which to accomplish? Imagine letting most of that go, and freeing your attention for more positive and valuable pursuits.

There are so many beautiful possibilities for authentic and lasting fulfillment. Those are the things that deserve the power of your attention. You can decide in this moment, and in every moment, to let go of the fear, let go of the worry, let go of the anger and let in life's delightful richness. Turn your attention toward those things that make life a joy to live.  

You can choose where your attention goes, and where your life in turn will follow. No matter what you may have chosen in the past, right now is when you can choose the best.  

Ralph Marston - The Daily Motivator
By: Ralph Marston - The Daily Motivator
Thanks Barb and Cindy for this!

4.) I love good architecture. I love PRESERVING older architecture. Too often Toronto takes the wrecking ball to a piece of history. No one appreciates this more than Dave LeBlanc. I enjoy his column "The Architourist" in the Globe and Mail...and so should you! YOU MUST GO AND READ IT! (and then come back) Here he is in a clip from the news last week:

5.) Finally, I wanted to share with you this daily Journal that I bought yesterday at an antique store. I love the front, and I LOVE this lady's writing. I think it is the inspiration for a whole new series of paintings. I will blog about this again at a later date when the ideas are 'gelled' in my little head. In the meantime, enjoy the cover and a sample of the inside:

Look at the penmanship! (and my graceful and slender fingers)
OK......So that is it for another week!!!
I hope you enjoyed #WW4!!
And remember, if you have something FABULOUS that you think I would love it to me and it might make it onto the top 5 list!!


  1. It looks like the journal lady was a lefty by the slant of the writing. What did she have to write about?

  2. Well.....the journal lady......whose name is NO WHERE in the book.......talks a lot about the weather. It seems a lot of the days are "lovely"! I can hardly wait to start the series of paintings that will accompany her words!!!!
    Thanks for the comment!!

  3. Another great #WW post! I looked at it yesterday on the iPhone but too small to read (I am getting old!). Thanks for showing the inside of the journal. It's lovely :) And I love TED Talks!! So much inspiration there! Looking forward to next week!

  4. The horse is crazy good, huh?!
    I love that journal.....I can't wait to start illustrating her entries......
    Thanks again for the comments it is MUCH APPRECIATED!!!!