Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Welcome again friends to Wonderful Wednesday.
The top 5 things that I just HAVE to share with you.......because I am a people pleaser.
(please do NOT mention this to husband)
Ok....let's get to it..

1.) I got an album - yes, you whippersnapper I know we no longer call them albums - that I am enjoying. It is what I would call an early evening cocktails mix of country-inspired standards. "Countrypolitan Duets" Yes, I said Countrypolitan. And no....spellcheck didn't even TRY to fix that word!!!!!! Anna Wilson is a jazz singer and you can check her website out at: On this cd, she sings duets with everyone from Kenny Rogers and Lady A, Keith Urban and even Matt Dusk. Below is a duet with Matt Giraud (from American Idol Season 8):
If you are looking for a cool jazzy patsy cline-y jam - you gotta get this cd!!

2.) As many of you know, I started my illustrious career in the thee-a-ta (theatre). I worked for a number of years painting backdrops and scenery for a whole host of theatres all across Ontario. I have also seen hundreds of productions of shows. But I have never seen a show curtain like this one: 

I mean, COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!! You must read all about it HERE! It makes the show curtains I painted PALE BY COMPARISON!: 
For Huron Country Playhouse's production of Mame - JUST KIDDING - It was obviously painted for Oz
- painted with Sylvie Boulanger
Also for Huron Country Playhouse - painted with Sylvie Boulanger

Painted for The Regent Theatre in Picton ON.
3.) Matthew Myers. I LOVE his work. It is very illustrative, and beautiful! I like the tagline on his home page "work so good you'd swear he was dead!" All his work have this clever cuteness!!! Check out these screen captures:
This is just the navigation background for his different galleries!

Love that he uses "pre-loved" materials

Sick...sick sick!! ;-)
You should check out his work. He does a lot of illustration for children's books. Super talented!!!

4.) This cart if FONT-TASTIC!!! I know it is not much of an inspiration for most....but I am salivating over the different fonts. YUM!

5.) Finally, look at this charming mural. I love colours......and the distressed look. YUM!
Dontcha wish your dining room was hot like this? Dontcha?

Ok....that is it for another week!!
I hope you enjoyed it!!!


  1. Another fab #WW. Love the pictures! Oh and I'm a font addict too. A good font says more than the words sometimes!! And that song! What a trip down memory lane for me. My parents were both older when I was born (Mom just turned 82!) and as soon as I heard the first few notes I remembered listening to Ray Charles on the hifi (no, I didn't mean wifi!) and Dad singing along! Good times.

  2. Glad to hear someone else excited about fonts!!
    That's a nice memory of that song.......
    hifi....hee hee......
    Thanks again for the comments!!!