Friday, April 29, 2011


Hello friends! Happy Friday!!
Today I wanted to show you a new piece that I just finished that I will be showing at my "Auto Fixation" exhibition. But here is the is a titchy bit illegal.
Ok....truthfully it is flat out trademark infringement.
Thus the post name. Yes, I know when you think of me you immediately think 'bad @ss'
I am a rule breaker. As you can see, I may have used the imagery from a certain game......
I know, I know, that is not good...but it just happened!!!
Just the once.
We have all done something suspect in the past, am I right??
There is an illegal skeleton or TWO in your closet as well..........isn't there??
Don't call the Monopoly police.......please!!!
Ok, so as I am writing this I am thinking of a few other times I have bended the rules ever so slightly when it comes to trademark/copyright issues.
Let's call them unintentional painting malfunctions.
Here are some other UPM's!
Look at the tiny trademark infringement in the top left corner....don't mention it to Disney!
Dear Disney. Please pay no attention to the elephants on parade in the background.
I paint a LOT of toys. I am not sure if that is infringement or not? Should I be expecting a Fisher-Price Smackdown?
I also paint a lot of places and a lot of this Hooters sign illegal to paint? The better question is:
Is it wrong to make money on big boobs and overpriced wings??
So there are a couple examples.
Please do NOT scold me.
I will NEVER consciously do it again. Or at least I will try!!!!

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