Monday, April 18, 2011


Hello all!
I am revving up for my new show opening soon. Which means I have less and less time for blogging.
Sad but true.
But I wanted to show you a couple old works........and a comparison to some new ones.
The contrast is HORRIBLE and more than slightly embarrassing.
But I do love a little self flogging.
I could have self-floggging blogging Mondays??
I have 2 terrible examples today. Truthfully, I never thought I would EVER paint people in my works, but it has happened. It has happened despite pieces like "Danseur Malheureux"
This is from 2003.
She is DISASTER! My husband affectionately nick named her 'Frau Blucher'.
(go ahead, google her)
2011. Her face is much better!
I HOPE I do not look back in 8 years with regret!

Sorry for the horrible quality of JPG.
More sorry that this painting from 2003 is so CRAP-@SS!!
Much better!!!

Ok. I guess the point is, that I would never have gotten from Frau Blucher to my current work without the 300 or so paintings that have come in between! So for all you that are putting off doing something....
DO NOT! Start today and who knows where you will be in only a few years!
There is your Oprah moment for the day.
You're welcome!

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