Monday, April 11, 2011


Hey y'all.
Yesterday I was at the value Village. I know I seem predictable, but that is what I did.
It was not a great day for the double v - but I got a few things I was happy about.
Here are three highlights.....although they are not too exciting!
"ya...and I'll take 2 pound of cat.........and some honey baked ham......"

I cannot figure out why today's teens and tweens dress like skanky hos??
This picture reminds me of Sunday morning in club district.

Rare Jane Austin books.

I try to make it a habit NOT to put on hats at the VV, but I had to put this beautiful porcelain hat on.....
but it was SUPER heavy!

I am always happy to find more tiles!

I liked the paper stuff in this game. I HAVE NO IDEA what I am gonna do with it.
Join me next Saturday night for a drunken game of "Stocks and Bonds"!

I liked this old Donkey game, and I picked up these 5" letters
(that spell out Joey - or Joye depending on what strikes your fancy)

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