Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I know what you are thinking.......
I know, I know, before you berate me with your wicked words.......just remember it wsa Easter weekend.
I was busy hiding eggs and eating rabbit and such......
Ok...that is a total lie...I was just lazy!
So sue me! ;-)
Luckily I am back with a great WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY post.
Here we go. These things have really impressed/influenced me this week!
I am gonna start with something fluffy and fun.

1.) Y'all know I love me some Gaga. I know, she is not everyone's taste, but I HEART her. I especially love "Born this Way". Here are 2 VERY ENJOYABLE remixes. One has a FANTASTIQUE Bollywood sound, the other has a wailing mouth harp (aka harmonica):

Now that we are all done with the dancing portion of #WW, let's move on!

2.) Now, I want to sare a fabulous font reference. (I know there are those 'non-artist types' out there that could care less.......BUT these are super - here is a screen sot from the page. Y-U-M!

3.) Ok. here are a couple photos that I want to share. They are of abandoned theme parks. Creepy and MANUFIQUE!
These are from :
The first 3 are taken from 'Okpo Land' in South Korea:

The next 5 are from Skip Bolen Photography and are so super creepy - I love them YOU MUST CHECK OUT HIS SITE!!!!!!!! They are taken from a Six Flags that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina!

Ok....and the last set of photos are from Timm Suess. (not Seuss...) and are from Chernobyl Amusement park. They are great too. (sad - but great) also you can check out this 360 tour of the  park....a great time waster!!!! 

#4) For something completely different. And for all you comic book nerds out there,  I love this:

#5.) Finally, since we are geeking out. I HAVE NOT seen this show yet, but I am looking forward to seeing it. It is HBO and it is hard to wrong with HBO! Check out this trailer:
Have you seen it? Is it #WW worthy? 
If not, and i am completely off base with this, then just forget the above trailer and check out this awesome tour of the scenery"Boardwalk Empire" (which was also HBO)

Ok...that's all folks!
Hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of #WW
As always, I LOVE your comments!


  1. Well, this post is a big hit with Lisa (she is dancing and "singing" Gaga right behind me). Oh and the duck is "cute" - her words, not mine! I recommend The Killing on AMC - check out their website to get caught up on the episodes. :) And thanks for the link to the fonts! Bookmarked!

  2. I'm Glad Lisa liked it!!!
    Duck is more creepy than cute.....but if she likes it.....that is all that matters! And speaking of creepy.....we are already watching The Killing!
    Thanks for the comments!!

  3. We've been watching Game of Thrones! We've only seen the first episode so far, (Thank Goodness for PVR, how did we live without thee?) My dad read the books. Its crazy elaborate for a tv show. It is definately not one of those shows you can just pick up and watch any time you please! I think its good so far. Dark though. And a little creepy. i had to fastfoward some parts...but i think I'll wait and see before passing judgment. its a cool fantasy. Anyway, ramble ramble aside, loved the amusement park pics. Somehow it's darkly morbid and cheery at the same time.

  4. Thanks for commenting Becca!
    I really appreciate it!
    I think you were recommending it, so I will hunker down to some creepy/dark G.O.T.!!