Monday, April 4, 2011


Hey y'all.
Well, you know it's Monday when I tell you all about my Sunday brunch.....and the trip to the Village that almost always ensues!
Brunch was at a little pub in the heart of Gerrard India Bazaar. No, it was not curry. I had chocolate chip pancakes and bacon (bacon on the side - not IN the 'cakes). It was delicious, the chips were perfectly cooked so that they were a bit crispy on the outside of my pancakes. Y-U-M!!!
Ok,  so after brunch, to work off some of the carb-y goodness, we walked back to the VV in are some finds from the Double V this week.
Oh Jud. I do not know what is more unfortunate. Your last name or
your album title "a semi-renformed tequila crazed gypsy looks back"
Votes? Anyone???

"It's most suffocating in here, I must say."
Poor poor Ed Grimly.

I really do NOT get this clock. I can see a saw blade for the handyman in your family.
I can also see a skier for the outdoor sports enthusiast. And finally I can understand a painted dog for the animal
lover.....but a skiing dog on a blade....makes NO SENCE AT ALL! Am I right?

$19.99 is an UNBEATABLE bargain for a creepy head!!  That pink gloss lipstick is not his colour.
There. I said it.
High Energy! Undoubtably their best album!

I hope you enjoyed my latest escapade at the double v!!

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