Friday, April 8, 2011


Hey guys!
Well it is a major milestone. NO.....I AM NOT TURNING 40!!!!!
I am celebrating because I have been blogging for one whole year.
160 posts. That's about 3 a week.....can you believe it?????
I thought to celebrate my 1st year anniversary, I would post my favourite 10 posts of the last year.
I think to keep it interesting for you, I will post the most amusing ones.
I know sometimes they can be a bit D-R-Y! Hopefully these chosen entries will amuse you!
Ok, so here we go!
These are in no particular order, enjoy:

#10 - TOP 10 OFFENSIVE ART SHOW COMMENTS - It's funny 'cause it's true!!!

# 9  - POPPIES, POOP AND THE ART OF EVOLUTION - I like this post, it is very honest...and it has some 
                                                                                           funny bits in it too!!

# 8  - ART GENERATIONALLY - This was a neat post about my first painting at the tender age of 15.

# 7  - WITH A MOUTH FULL OF CROISSANT - Another semi-amusing story.

# 6  - BEWARE THE BEAST - This is all about my trip to exotic Winnipeg!

# 5  - YOU SAY ANTIQUE....I SAY...... - I love me some antiquing....and these finds were nothing short of 

# 4  - GO GOOGLE YOURSELF - This is what happens when I am avoiding doing work. Not good.

# 3  - TORONTO: A LAKESIDE CITY??? - Imagine my surprise to find out that Toronto was on a lake.
                                                                   My shocking expose on the beach.

# 2  - ROB CROXFORD BOOK CLUB: PART ONE - The adventures of "Rainbow Rob" a (children's book) 
                                                                       proved to be good fodder for SEVERAL blog posts last year!

# 1  - EAST BOUND AND OUT PART 2: ODDITIES - A few highlights of my 'vacation' to New Brunswick!

Well? What did you think? Did you check them all out?
If you must have a lot of time on your hands (and THANK YOU)!
If you didn't.....take the weekend and read them......kick back with a coffee and a scone and enjoy.
I am gonna celebrate with a cocktail and something sweet.
(not because it is my anniversary.....just because it is a Friday!!)
I always love (and deeply appreciate) your comments!!
Now go and re-read!!!

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  1. Kids are off to W&W's so I will take some time to check them all out. In the mean time fix your east coast link - of course I clicked THAT one!!- LOL!! - and what's wrong with turning 40 - please tell me, because I have less than four months to do something about it!! LOL!! Congrats on the one year anniversary. And don't save the cocktails for just Friday!! It's always Wine O'clock somewhere!!