Monday, May 10, 2010


     I have built a career stealing liberating borrowing quotes from smart people. I find that, generally,  best way to say something, is using someone else's clever words and pretend they are yours
"Some people can get a thrill, knitting sweaters and sitting still.
Some people can be content, playing bingo and paying rent.
Some people sit on their butts, got the dream, yeah, but not the guts.
That's living for some people,for some hum-drum people to be, but some people ain't me!"
     Seriously, why say it with MY words, when Mama Rose from "Gypsy" can say it so succinctly? What I am trying to tell you gentle readers, is that art, just like life, becomes stagnant when you stop changing and growing.
     Ok, so there are those artists that paint over-sized poppies for 20 years - each day waking with a feeling of complete contentment about the prospect of another poppy to paint. Now don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against the little red flowers - or those people that have the hots for poppies - but there is something to be said about changing things up! It keeps things fresh! Its called Evolution! And hey, if it weren't for evolution, I would be picking things out of my husbands hair and flinging poop, instead of blogging about art!
     Whenever I look back at older paintings, I can see how my work has evolved and changed. This piece from 2003 was one of the paintings that lead to my Etiquette and Tin Toy Series:

It is exciting! My latest work, though similar in theme, incorporates different materials including plastic wood and metal! The painting below is called "Spring Chicken" and incorporates metal and springs and some molding too!!!
It is this change that has pushed my limits!   I can't wait for whatever is next! New experiences, new techniques and new materials! And hey, if every day you wake with the singular idea of how to re-examine the poppy - you too are bound for long term relevance and success!

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