Monday, May 3, 2010


Ok, so here is another little shadow box that I have been working on......"Not Rocket Science".
Just to remind you, and to inform any new readers, I have stolen imagery from my extensive catalogue of completed paintings. I print the images, then reassemble the bits and bobs to create these super cute 9" x 6" shadow boxes.
This piece was built using imagery from my paintings:
"Artificial Intelligence" (the Scientist guy) which is still available in one of my galleries.
The rocket ship is from my painting called "Incredible" (and is sold, sorry). As you can see, I have painted and retinted the rocket ship to make it more pleasing with the other imagery. As usual, I added some ink on top just to make it 'pop'. On this piece, I also added some molding and some painted metal as well as a little pearlized button. 

Whadda 'ya think???

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