Thursday, May 20, 2010


Ok, so I got some news recently that will change my blogging style. I was told that if I wanted my blog to get noticed, I have to make sure that each blog entry is over 500 words. For me, I have aways been a 'pictures worth a thousand words' kind of guy. I mean, heck, I am an artist. So, based on my calculations, some of my blogs [on a 1 picture = 1000 words formula] are well over 5000 words. Certainly enough to get noticed in the land of the world wide webisphere. Truthfully I am worried. Although I do love to talk, i am not such a keen writer. I like to keep things short and sweet (like me!) got me, I am over 6' tall, and am not known for my sweet demeanor, but still I firmly believe, it writing brevity is the soul of wit!! Ok.....just to illustrate the point, up to this exact word, we are at a staggering 166 words! It leaves me with a few questions. HOW WILL I MAKE UP 500 WORDS, and WHO THE H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS IS GONNA READ ALL THAT BLAH BLAH BLAHING? I mean, I am not exactly Tolstoy! Ok, so here we go, 294 words to go!

I have some news items. I am going to Cleveland Ohio to be part of a group show. The exhibition is called "From Canada, with Love....". Pennello Gallery is a unique fine art/craft and gift gallery located in the heart of Cleveland's Little Italy.  It looks like a beautiful area, and seems to be filled with great restaurants and little businesses.....I can't wait to eat there!! Anyways, at Pennello contemporary American, Canadian and Israeli artists are represented in everything from mixed media and jewelry, to painting, photography, ceramics, and sculpture. Personally, I will be showing 6 pieces from my Tin Toy Series. This show is special, as it is the first one of it's kind, and a few of us are going down for the opening! You can bet that I will be bloggin' all about it!

Meanwhile, back in Toronto, I will be showing some work at  as part of The 12th annual Riverdale Art Walk 2010. The R.A.W. is a 2-day, juried fine art show, with artists showing indoors AND outdoors. This year's exhibition areas will encompass Broadview to the West, Leslie St to the East, Eastern Avenue to the South, and Dundas Street to the North. The main areas will be along Queen Street East. I have been in this show (in the park) for many years, but because of the Pennello Exhibition, I will be showing at  Ethel 20th Century Living. For those of you who are not aware of Ethel,  SHAME ON YOU! It is THE store in Leslieville, for your one-stop shop for all things Mid-century Modern. I love the store, and they are super supportive folks! Go in and say hello, and by something super-fantabulous! (oh, and check out the art too!) believe it or not, I made it! 500 words! What a feeling of relief! I hope it was interesting enough for you! BUT PLEASE DO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK! I love to get feedback!

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