Friday, May 14, 2010


For me, I always say that finishing a painting is kinda like having a child. You have put all your best work into it and in the end, you hope that it will have an effect on others in a positive way. I am always so proud of my work when it comes together, because there is so much planning that is involved. ALSO, for me it is like a child because once it has left my house, I DO NOT WANT IT TO RETURN! My Momma says that "the day Rob left home was the worst day of my life......until the day he moved back in!" Generally, I tend to paint my work at home and then take it to my studio and hang it up. I need to get the paintings out of my sight, out of my brain and out of my reach. If they languish around the house for weeks I will start to rework them, infact, I would keep working on them FOREVER AND EVER!! Then again, sometimes there is a painting that just bothers me.....something about it is just not right. I eventually bring it home and rework it! Here is a example, I brought this painting home so that I could package it up for shipping to a gallery in The United States. There was nothing REALLY wrong with it, but after a couple of hours here is what happened:
This is what I call the 'wham-o-blam-o'. I re-saturated some of the colours and the black to give it a bit more punch. I am much happier with this painting now......and it is still available for sale too!!! What do you think?
The same?

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