Thursday, May 13, 2010


Ok, so most people have a P.C.P. [Personal Colour Palette], or at least a 'signature colour'. For me, my signature colour is teal. Normally I have a PCP in my artwork. You see, to get the vintage look in my paintings, I need to stick to the palette of the Atomic Age era. You know these colours, and when you see them, especailly together, it immediately conjures images from 1950! 
This is a paint chip card from Sears in 1950. As you can see the 50's colours are quite bright compared to earlier browns, grays, and more subdued combinations. Not as vivid and eye-popping as what was to come in the Sixties, the 1950's still had its share of bright pinks, seafoam green, and chartreuse. Reds leaned toward orange or pink while blues were closer to teal.

Last night, after seeing a production of "Rock of Ages" I was seduced by the 'slutty' pink colour that seemed to be in all through the lighting plot. 
Yes, it was a show about rock and roll in the 80's, but it reminded me how much I love pink! Pink can tend to look more 80's than 50's, but I still love to use it. 

I have used pink rather sparingly in my work, and havent used it much in the last couple of years, but here are a couple of my pink inspired works:
1.) "Preen" (sold)
2.) "Good Times" (sold)
3.) "Bad Girls Do" (sold)
4.) "Read, Write and Sew" (sold)
5.) "Decay" (sold)
6.) "Perfume" from my A-Z series is still available
7.) "Chatty Lady" is also still available

So? What about you? Love pink? hate it? What is your Signature colour???

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